Marketing Campaigns:  Concept to Completion

There’s a reason why digital is the fastest growing piece of the marketing pie.  That’s where the people are.  It’s as simple as that.

In 2016, we’re expected to spend 5:45 hours per day online, about 1:45 more than the second ranking medium, television.  Digital now soaks up an estimated 31.6% of advertising dollars, second only to…you guessed it, television.  You can thank the proliferation of online video and the greater adoption of smartphones for this.

That means, it’s not just about a couple of Facebook posts on and a tweet here and there.  It’s about creating and implementing actual advertising and marketing campaigns.  Campaigns that start out as actual planned, coordinated concepts with tangible goals.  They involve content strategy (think message development), content creation, and content distributions, which often leads to audience interaction.  That last part if vital when it comes to online because the medium is interactive.  Users don’t want to be marketed at, they often want to develop relationships.  To do so, you must build affinity and trust.

All of this must be done with a sense of authenticity and, if not transparency, at least opaqueness.  It also must be consistent with the current brand status and it must maintain a consistency with current offline brand efforts.  Finally, in most cases, analytics and metrics should be available to understand the effectiveness.

We’ll strategize to come up with ideas that serve as the foundation of your marketing campaigns.  We’ll work with you to the create and distribute the content behind your branding and then get your messages out to your target audiences.  We’ll then help you make sense of it all.