Social Media Platform Development and Management

An important foundation for organizations using social media is relationship building.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are where you may find untold amounts of potential fans, followers, and friends.  But it's not a matter of creating a fan page on Facebook and an account on Instagram.  Far from it.  These platforms can't be looked at as another means of broadcasting out information.  Instead, it's a matter of connecting with the right people and communicating with them effectively.

We'll help you reach out to the right people and show you how to interact with them.  And we'll design comprehensive marketing campaigns that will serve to enrich your brand and/or increase sales.

Blog Creation and Management

While having a blog isn't necessary for every organization, when they are implemented they usually are at the very core of the online effort.  They serve as the organization's main voice, relationship builder, and listening tool.

We will help you by creating a visually appealing blog and work with you to bring out compelling content.  Since many organizations have legal and reputation management concerns, we'll work with internal staff to come up with sound blogging practices to alleviate these issues.

And finally, we'll put together a solid marketing campaign that will include online registrations, outreach, and community development.

Reputation Management

Chances are your online presence goes beyond your website.  It's likely you're being reviewed on certain websites and are being mentioned on blogs and social media platforms.  You may not realize it, but this can have a substantial impact on your reputation and your brand.  For better AND for worse.

We'll set up "listening devices" when and where necessary for an ongoing monitoring effort to keep you informed about what's being said about you.  We'll gauge the likely impact and help coordinate an effective response.

Influencer Outreach

The web is a thriving conglomeration of conversations, opinions, and relationships.  It's where some, through their passion, expertise, and insight build up a following.  Their views become respected and as they now speak - inadvertently - with a sense of authority.  They've become micro-influencers.  This is often a natural development, not contrived.

Those micro-influencers are active on social media sites.  They may blog.  They share articles, post photos and videos, they make reviews.  They participate in conversations.  They lead conversations.

Working with your brand, we'll seek these people out and craft the right methods of engagement with them - on their terms.