For many, the online arena can be an intimidating place.  For them, it's a complicated great unknown, a whole place that can be ignored or at the very least delayed entering.  To others, it's just another place to enter without any strategy, to simply broadcast messages out to whomever.  In other words, it's a place where one can wing it.

Well, you can't ignore it and you can't wing it.  It's a business decision that's driven by strategy and carried out by tactics.  Too often, that's been forgotten when it comes to digital.  If what you're doing is not soon tied into a strategy, then you're entering the arena flatfooted and with your hands tied behind your back. This can diminish the effectiveness of your efforts and even hurt your brand.

That's where we come in.  We'll help you define that strategy, set certain goals, and measure your needs and capabilities to come up with a working/active game plan.  We'll examine your current online presence to see how it jibes with the big picture.

You may want to position your business a particular way.  You may hope to increase business overall or you may be looking to emphasize a certain segment of your business.  You may be looking to reach out to different audiences.  You may be introducing a new product or service.  All of these factors need to be under consideration when you're implementing a strategy.

We'll also take a look at all your internal resources and capabilities.  All of them.  Time.  Money.  Personnel.  These can greatly affect your efforts and need to be considered.

And we'll also help establish your own internal processes and ground rules for your participation in the online arena.